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Disappointed with some of our Calgary officials

August 18, 2013

I suspect that I will be a very unpopular person once I publish this post but my disappointment right now runs so deep that I feel I would rather be unpopular than unable to face myself in the mirror for not standing up for what I believe in.

When I became aware of the situation in Camrose regarding Dr. Simona Tibu, who was allegedly assaulted and beaten severely by a Camrose peace officer (read story here), I was outraged and my gut screamed “something is not right here”. How can a woman look that badly beaten, handcuffed, lying on the ground be the one to get charged, with assaulting a peace officer no less.


Don’t get me wrong, I am not pointing fingers but I feel that our elected representatives should shine a spotlight on this situation to encourage an effective and just investigation.

So I reached out to the Calgary Police Service and was basically told that it does not concern them.



Brent Alexander (running for ward 7) felt that it was important but not his responsibility.



Mr. Naheed Nenshi was outright baffled why I would be addressing a bunch of people in Calgary.



I believe that as a strong caring city we should be role models and support others as we have done in many prior scenarios, the flood being the most recent example. Members of our city are troubled by these types of events and I would hope that our leaders and elected officials would be representing our concerns. We have given these leaders the power that they have in the belief that they would support our values. Currently I do not feel like my values are being represented, rather it feels as if they are being pushed aside.


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